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Views from Venezuela: The San Juan Festival in Curiepe

June 25th, 2012 (No Comments)

The Festival of San Juan began yesterday in the Venezuelan town of Curiepe, Venezuela in the northeastern state of Miranda, popularly known as Barlevento.  Popular festivals in Venezuelaare a traditional form of expression through which barrio residents take the public square and surrounding blocks as a community emphasizing their common history in resistance against the slavery and oppression that [...]

The Condor Walk

June 11th, 2012 (No Comments)

The mighty condor, symbol of the Andes and the land bird with the larger wingspan (about 3 m or 10 ft) in the entire planet, proudly protects from the heights those places Timotes Indians traveled since ancient times. These are the same places that today surround the picturesque Merida, a university campus with a pleasant climate, surrounded by snowy peaks and the sober exuberance of the Andean Paramo. Few places on Earth offer this combination of tradition, hospitality and adventure you will find in Merida. Let [...]