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Single for the Holidays?

The holidays is the perfect time of year to be with the one you love the most: yourself. If you are unmarried, divorced, widowed or simply apart from friends and family this holiday season you have the opportunity to be in the direst desert in the world or if you are up for a bit of adventure how about trekking Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, or trekking Torres del Paine in the Chilean Patagonia? What about seeing the anaconda in person? Explore “solo travel ideas” and spend some wonderful time with yourself.


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Mount Roraima- Venezuela’s Lost World

Looking for a top trekking expedition in South America? How about trekking Mt. Roraima- where Arthur Conan Doyle placed his 1912 story “The Lost World,” about scientists attacked by dinosaurs and ape men in a land cut off from the rest of the world? This flat-topped mountain, 9,200 feet tall, is encircled by cliffs that shoot straight up 1,300 feet or more. In Doyle’s book, nothing can climb to the top, and nothing can climb down however this is not true! Explore the wonders of this magnificent Tepuy in a six-day trek. When you return you will feel that for once, the word “awesome” is no cliche. Our Roraima Trek & Angel Fall Expedition is a tour to consider!















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Atacama Desert a convenient staging ground for outdoor treks and other adventures.

Atacama Desert recommended by LA Times! Those interested in outdoor treks and other adventures this is the place to visit. There are plenty of wonders in this most inhospitable of places: steaming geysers, hoodoos, volcanoes, Saharan landscapes…,0,4641315.story




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Chile: Our New Travel Destination

After traveling to Chile in April 2012, Turpial Travel is happy to announce the grand opening of its new destination! Please visit our website and check out our new tour packages at The packages were handpicked and designed based on our experience while traveling through this magnificent country.

What does Chile have to offer? Amazing destinations such as:

  • Patagonia one of most famous regions of Chile. It offers dramatic landscapes that include dazzling explosion of islands, glaciers, icebergs and mountains. As the Lonely Planet states, “it is an ultimate outdoor cathedral”. In the northern part you find Parque Pumalin that offers sublime settings of waterfalls, turquoise lakes, hot springs, misty fjords, fern-choked trails and ancient forests. Laguna San Rafael is awe-inspiring as it is a national park that has one of the most magnificent glacier a million years in the making and melting steadily. What about traveling through a dusty wash-road to nowhere? Drive through Carretera Austral, a 1200 km romp through Andean backcountry dotted with parks and pioneer homesteads. Lastly, for a true Wild West experience, don’t forget to visit Palena, a true a sample of Patagonia’s cowboy country! Southern Patagonia hosts the incomparable Torres del Paine National Park.

  • Atacama Desert, specifically San Pedro de Atacama, a precordillera oasis village turned into a tourist boomtown. Its popularity stems from its position in the heart of some of northern Chile’s most spectacular scenery.

  • Easter Island famous for its Moai statues which are symbols of what was and what was lost and Robinson Crusoue Island (Juan Fernández archipelago), a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve declared a national park in 1935 and once an anonymous waypoint for pirates, sealers and war ships, Juan Fernández is a real paradise for outdoors lovers who are great hikers up staircase-steep hills.

  • Central Valley (Valle Central) Region which hosts world class vineyards in the Aconcagua, Casablanca, Maipo, Colchagua and Maule.

  • Lake Region/District famous for its spectacular scenery of deep blue mountain lakes, snow-capped volcanos, pristine beauty of alerce (larch) forests, popular resorts, year-round sports, and traditional folklore, handicrafts and legends.

  • Santiago the capital is a focal point of Latin American commerce and the point of entry for nearly all international travelers. Places to visit include: Plaza de Armas, Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombiano, Placio de la Moneda, Mercado Central, Cerro Santa Lucia, Barrio Bellas Artes, La Chascona (Pablo Neruda’s house), Cerro San Cristobal, Barrio and Barrio Brasil. Top acitivities inlcude: skiing. trekking, horseback riding, surfing, and rafting.

  • Valparaíso located 120 km northwest from Santiago and in 2003 declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. In its golden years, it was known as “Little San Francisco” and the” Jewel of the Pacific.” Its historical importance, natural beauty, and unique architecture make this city a place worth visiting. Valparaiso is the birthplace of significant figures, such as Augusto Pinochet and Salvador Allende. Here you also find the residence of famous artists like Pablo Neruda and Nicaraguan poet Rubén Dario.  Viña del Mar, considered Chile’s most luxurious beach resort town, attracting visitors from all over the world. A beach to see Reñaca. Other major attractions to visit include the Municipal Casino founded in 1930, the famous Viña del Mar International Song Festival in the striking natural tree lined hill of Quinta Vergara Amphitheater; and the Viña del Mar Film Festival, founded in 1967 as the First Latin American Film Festival and was also the first gathering of Latin American filmmakers

We look forward to creating memorable traveling experience for you!

The Turpial Travel Team



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Latest review from one of our travelers!

Dear Joanne,

thank you so much for helping us put together a memorable trip!
We enjoyed traveling through Venezuela so much  we will go back again soon.
I will get back to you with answers to your questions ASAP.


Tour: Venezuela Active

Tour Date: Jul 06 – Jul 20, 2012

Destinations visited: Canaima National Park, Orinoco Delta, Los Llanos, Andean Region, Merida, Los Roques National Park

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Multigenerational travel

According to the Wall Street Journal article “Next: The New Retirement”, when it comes to vacations, the baby boomers new priority is “togetherness”.

“As the boomers head into retirement, they’ve got the time and money to indulge their desire to travel—and they’re choosing to take those trips with their kids and grandkids. For most families, the goal is simple: to have fun  and see this as an investment in creating memories. So the trips can get elaborate, everything from safaris in Africa to hikes along the Great Wall in China to tours of castles in Europe. Especially popular are cruises, resorts and tours with all-inclusive prices, children’s programs and the flexibility to do things together as well as apart. Some tour companies even have units that cater exclusively to families and multigenerational groups. Because these trips require coordinating disparate schedules, preferences and budgets, planning ahead is key.”

Author: Ms. Tergesen is a Wall Street Journal staff reporter in New York.

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The Wayuu Culture

An interesting article in the Universal newspaper of Venezuela about the Wayuu’s cuisine- one of the largest indigenous population of Colombia and Venezuela (in spanish)

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Views from Venezuela: The San Juan Festival in Curiepe

Fiesta de San Juan

Fiesta de San Juan

The Festival of San Juan began yesterday in the Venezuelan town of Curiepe, Venezuela in the northeastern state of Miranda, popularly known as Barlevento.  Popular festivals in Venezuelaare a traditional form of expression through which barrio residents take the public square and surrounding blocks as a community emphasizing their common history in resistance against the slavery and oppression that brought them to the Americas.   The festivals represent a combination of African traditions and colonial Catholicism initiated and mediated through African drumming and dancing announced by a shell horn across the town. The traditional dances and drums at the festival dates to the times of slavery when slaves were given three days off at Solstice. Our intent to observe the festivals here in Venezuela is grounded in our experiences using ethnography and phenomenological methods of research as a form of resistance to non-European research modes. Read more

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Customer Review

Choroní Beach

“I have been living and teaching in Venezuela for the past year and one-half. During that time I have had the occasion to travel all over Venezuela. At first I tried arranging tours myself as that is quite common in many countries. Unless you are totally fluent and willing to risk the outcome of your trip, that is a bad idea in Venezuela.  I have tried contacting tour companies in Venezuela, but have found most take days if not weeks to respond to requests and simple questions. I have used two Venezuelan travel agents, but it has been tiresome to get anything accomplished. Finally at Christmas 2011, while I was in California for Christmas break, I found Turpial Travel. I have since booked two amazing tours and have been completely satisfied both times. The level of service and commitment to satisfying the customer is a refreshing change here in Venezuela. Turpial Travel agents are concerned about all aspects of the tour and are tireless in their quest for excellence. I just wish that I would have booked my Angel Falls tour through Turpial” Read more

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Laguna La Restinga in Margarita Island

Laguna de La Restinga

If you are planning an escape to Margarita Island why not visit Laguna La Restinga?

La Laguna La Restinga (The Rastinga Lagoon) is one of the most popular attractions on Margarita Island.  The lagoon is filled with mangroves, oysters, sea horses, fish and many birds. The Restinga lagoon is considered one of the world’s best wetlands with a water surface of less than 6 meters deep. Its ecosystem is preserved in its natural state and in it you find 85 bird species, 20 reptiles and 10 mammals.

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