Off-The-Beaten-Path Museums in Venezuela

Dimitrios Demu de Lechería Museum

Planning a trip to Venezuela? Here are some off-the-beaten-path museums you can visit in Puerto La Cruz:

1. Museum El Sol de las Botellas (Sun of Bottles Museum): was conceived by the poet Douglas Gutierrez and inaugurated on August 28, 1993. The name of this museum stems from various bottles embed in circles throughout the museums walls.  The museum counts with five different rooms and in them you find samples of wooden art, metal, glass, ceramics, paintings and tapestries. There is also a room devoted to graphic design. Read more
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Venezuelan Religious Traditions


If you are in Venezuela during the months of December and January,  travel to the western side of Venezuela to see beautiful religious and folkloric festivities. It is a great time to enjoy and appreciate colorful and traditional events.

In December for example, the western side of the country has the highest concentration of events, especially between the 28th and 29th of December where they honor San Benito and commemorate the Holy Innocents. Sanare in Lara, is renowned for its “Zaragoza” who take the village streets on the 28th. Read more

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Falcón a destination for adventure

Falcón – a destination for adventure

Located in west of part of the country, the Falcon State offers a variety of beautiful beaches, warm waters and comfortable accommodations. Morrocoy’s and Chichiriviche’s beaches are among the most visited by locals and foreigners who cometo enjoy the sun, water sports, and nature. Turpial Travel offers unique packages to these destinations!

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Andean Mountains

Sierra of La Culata

Bound by the Sierra Nevada and Sierra de la Culata, the Venezuelan Andean  ecosystem consists of mostly glacier formed valleys and plains with a large variety of lakes, peat bogs and wet grasslands intermingled with shrublands and forest patches. Read more

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