Mochima National Park: Paradise in Venezuela’s North Coast

Mochima National Park

Turpial Travel can help you book your trip to Mochima National Park. Read on to learn more about this paradise in Venezuela.

Mochima National Park: Paradise in Venezuala

Founded in 1973, Mochima National Park is located on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. At roughly 235,000 acres, the park is home to some spectacular scenery. From the white sand beaches and turquoise seas of the Caribbean to the cloud forests of the Turimiquire mountain range, visitors to the park consider it one of the most beautiful in Venezuela.

Mochima National Park was set aside in an attempt to protect the northeastern marine coastline and the water shed contained in the mountain forests. Named for the town of Mochima, which is included in its borders, the park stretches from Puerto la Cruz to Canama and includes 32 gulf islands off the Caribbean coast. The boundary extends westward to the Turimiquire Dam and the mountain range of the same name.

Diverse Geography

The area includes diverse habitats which range from coral reefs, mangrove swamps and jungle vegetation to desert areas. Many species of mammals and reptiles live in the park, including four species of endangered sea turtles. The area around the Turimiquire Dam at the southern end of the park is a favorite spot for bird watchers.

The climate varies from the coast to the mountains with temperatures ranging between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. From November to May, the temperatures are hotter with regular trade winds on the coast, while June to October is cooler with higher humidity.

Things to Do

Mochima National Park is a great place to swim, snorkel, laze on the beach or go sailing. The mountain and forest areas offer hiking and some great views for photographing. Roads have been cut through the park making access to areas easier.

A wide variety of accommodations are available in Mochima National Park in some of the small towns located within the borders. This is one of the more populated of Venezuela’s parks, which has led some environmental groups to press the government for more restrictions in the park, especially in sea turtle nesting areas. Turpial Travel and Adventure’s tours are designed with responsible travel in mind. Tour groups use public transportation wherever possible to minimize environmental impact, and the number of visitors is kept small so as to reduce negative effects on the local area. Keeping groups small also allows tourists to interact with local residents and gain a greater cross-cultural understanding.

Especially in environmentally sensitive areas, like Mochima National Park, Turpial Travel and Adventure encourages tourists to purchase only locally-made souvenirs from resident artisans for a fair price, to frequent local businesses and, when possible, to eat locally-grown, organic food. Also, plan to pack reusable items rather than disposables and leave the outer packaging at home. You don’t want to contribute to the waste stream in an environmentally-fragile area like the Mochima National Park.

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