The Condor Walk

The Condor Walk

The mighty condor, symbol of the Andes and the land bird with the larger wingspan (about 3 m or 10 ft) in the entire planet, proudly protects from the heights those places Timotes Indians traveled since ancient times. These are the same places that today surround the picturesque Merida, a university campus with a pleasant climate, surrounded by snowy peaks and the sober exuberance of the Andean Paramo. Few places on Earth offer this combination of tradition, hospitality and adventure you will find in Merida. Let the condor guide your steps toward adventure!

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Andean Mountains

Sierra of La Culata

Bound by the Sierra Nevada and Sierra de la Culata, the Venezuelan Andean  ecosystem consists of mostly glacier formed valleys and plains with a large variety of lakes, peat bogs and wet grasslands intermingled with shrublands and forest patches. Read more

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