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Choroní Beach

“I have been living and teaching in Venezuela for the past year and one-half. During that time I have had the occasion to travel all over Venezuela. At first I tried arranging tours myself as that is quite common in many countries. Unless you are totally fluent and willing to risk the outcome of your trip, that is a bad idea in Venezuela.  I have tried contacting tour companies in Venezuela, but have found most take days if not weeks to respond to requests and simple questions. I have used two Venezuelan travel agents, but it has been tiresome to get anything accomplished. Finally at Christmas 2011, while I was in California for Christmas break, I found Turpial Travel. I have since booked two amazing tours and have been completely satisfied both times. The level of service and commitment to satisfying the customer is a refreshing change here in Venezuela. Turpial Travel agents are concerned about all aspects of the tour and are tireless in their quest for excellence. I just wish that I would have booked my Angel Falls tour through Turpial” Read more

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Tips from our Travelers

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year from the Turpial Travel Team!
I thought it would be good to start the year by sharing some excellent feedback received from one of our travelers while traveling through Venezuela. I hope this helps!  Read more
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